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Here, in America, we love our cars. They give us a sense of power and freedom of movement unparalleled by other forms of conveyance. Apparently some of us, enlisted in the human growth and potential movement, also love our exercise. While some are sedentary,  a growing number of us love to move our bodies. Not fulfilled by the passive role of fans, watching professionals compete in football, basketball, hockey, or baseball, we enjoy moving ourselves. We love the burn and challenge of performing well in a competitive community.

CrossFit has capitalized on this. In the last decade it has swept the nation opening more and more boxes where we perform our WOD's while cheering others on. Moving in timed and measured exercise patterns we participate in a fitness movement that has grown to worldwide proportions. The CrossFit games, sponsored by Reebok, has its winners and losers as famed as any in the NFL. We compete in high intensity interval training, weight lifting, and gymnastics for the title of Fittest Man or Fittest Woman on Earth. We have fans, swag, and prize money to show for our efforts.

Orange Theory Fitness moves the chain forward another notch. Like CrossFit it is a franchised business, with branding and corporate oversight. OTF is not a full service gym, however. It has found a niche among time crunched upscale patrons. While wearing heart rate monitors and fitbits, these perform timed and measured exercises in small classes that challenge and push the limits for 60 tough coached minutes under the glow of dim orange lights. Orange Theory Fitness aims to create hard bodies that will burn for 24-36 hours beyond the workout at a raised metabolic rate.  They call it the "orange zone". Based on the science of anaerobic exercise, OTF pushes patrons into excess, post-exercise oxygen consumption EPOC, or afterburn.  When performed  2-4 times per week, patrons are promised improved muscle endurance, strength, power, and weight loss.

Of course, as with any serious exercise program, it is understood that diet plays an important role in performance and weight management. Eating clean food, without sugary additives is basic. Beyond that patrons enjoy fruits, vegetables, and moderate amounts of protein and complex carbs.

OTF classes are available in over 350 boutiques throughout the US, CANADA, ENGLAND, and AUSTRALIA. Classes are taught by trained coaches in morning and evening shifts, when time crunched consumers begin or end their day.  Membership is not cheap. $100 buys 8 classes, at $12.50 per class. A la carte classes can be bought for $25. Patrons can take classes as a part of their regular schedules, or sign up for a series when they have a specific goal in mind. Some join to lose weight, others want to look and feel fit for an upcoming event. Many are signing on and signing up. OTF is open to anyone who wants to test herself physically.

Those who sign on enjoy setting specific goals and then adjusting then up or down depending on results. They workout in classes with others. gaining support and requiring accountability. They see results that provide peace of mind and self-satisfaction that comes from "just doing it". They don't waste time thinking about exercise, they are motivated to move. They are in action, driving themselves, putting the pedal to the metal, like race car drivers in the Indy 500.

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dr jon hyman

Jon Hyman, M.D.

Dr. Hyman is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Expert who concentrates on helping his patients understand their problem and get the results they want. Understanding the problem from the patient's perspective, how it impacts their life, their family, their sports/jobs and goals is his primary concern.

Aside from surgical and technical expertise, he has a reputation of providing thorough second opinion evaluations. He seeks to answer all your questions and teach you about things you may not have known to ask, so you leave feeling informed, re-assured and satisfied. Knee, Hip and Shoulder surgery and non-surgical options generally, are his specialty.