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Epidemic of Pec tendon ruptures during CrossFit regionals


Apparently, during the CrossFit regionals in the past couple of weeks, somewhere on the order of 25 men, including some elite athletes, either partially or completely tore their pectoralis major tendons.

Why does the tiny island of Jamaica have so many amazing athletes?


The island nation of Jamaica, in the West Indies, has the 137th largest population. It is a small island with a populace proportionate to it's size. However, in years past, it has ranked 13th among nations with internationally dominant, Olympic gold winning athletes.

Orange Theory Fitness


Here, in America, we love our cars. They give us a sense of power and freedom of movement unparalleled by other forms of conveyance. Apparently some of us, enlisted in the human growth and potential movement, also love our exercise.



If fitness were defined strictly in physical terms, one can make the case that fat can be fit, but not for long.

TrueFit: The Truth About Fitness


or decades, in America, the fitness movement has had an identity as a matter of physical prowess, dominance, and ability.

CrossFit Helps OverCome Addiction


In the small borough of Pottstown, PA, recovering addicts have a big advantage. They can become eligible to participate in CrossFit PottsTown's program designed just for them.

TrueFit: The Truth About Fitness


For decades, in America, the fitness movement has had an identity as a matter of physical prowess, dominance, and ability...

Why Girls / Women Can’t Climb the Pegboard ?


Before I begin. Let’s be clear: some women can, many guys can’t. A lot of it has to do with fitness, not so much gender.

Notable CrossFit Games 2015 Injuries


Each sport has them. But what’s interesting in this set is that the ratio of injuries to participants is a tad on the high side, especially considering how fit these amazing athletes are.

Julie Foucher's Achilles Tendon and Box Jumps


The problem with Achilles tendon injuries is that they can occur at random. Essentially the rupture of the tendon tissue occurs under an explosive tensile load which can only result from a "perfect storm" of Vector pull and biomechanical overload.

CrossFit Rx 'Prescription'


At the Box, the Rx prescription, if taken as written, is harmful to most people who are doing CrossFit and the irony of calling a workout Rx as if it was prescribed by a professionally authoritative source - may be be misleading.

High Intensity Fitness Rx


When our doctor writes us a prescription for medicine, physical therapy, or surgery we tend to expect that prescription will lead to improved health and recovery from what ails us.

Ironic Fitness and Greed Day


This entry is about the Irony of Thanksgiving’s influence on our Fitness - our emotional and physical well being.

AnatomyFit Cadaver Lab


About forty fitness coaches, mostly CrossFit Level 1 trainers, converged on the operating room and the classroom for some instruction on human anatomy. Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Jon Hyman provided the lecture and anatomic instruction.

Can Sports of Fitness, CrossFit Hear a Higher Calling?


In her recent essay, for New York Times Magazine, writer Heather Havrilesky observes that extreme fitness has replaced exercise in a particularly American style. "Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness?"

NPFL, the GRID, & the Nation’s Capital


Washington DC does have a national championship team. For fitness enthusiasts we're happy to note, the DC BRAWLERS brought home the gold, in the first ever GRID league games of the NPFL.

Injured Elite Still Compete


Injury is a part of athletics. Embedded in the history of competitive sports are stories of victory and stories of injury. Despite efforts to minimize them, injuries go with the territory

Blurred Lines


A recent ruling in Washington DC on the "yoga tax" has some practitioners scratching their heads. In the ruling lawmakers decided that yoga was a sport and fitness practice.

Spartan Fitness


Only already fit athletes need apply. Those who are used to the rigors of training and ready to push themselves to discover their inner Spartan can compete.

Attraction, not Promotion. Worldwide Movement


In less than 10 years CrossFit has gone from one homebased gym/box into a franchise of 10,000 boxes throughout the developed world.

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Aside from surgical and technical expertise, he has a reputation of providing thorough second opinion evaluations. He seeks to answer all your questions and teach you about things you may not have known to ask, so you leave feeling informed, re-assured and satisfied. Knee, Hip and Shoulder surgery and non-surgical options generally, are his specialty.