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The Rope Climb

rope climb illustrated

Multiple Injury opportunities here.  When executed well, you can blast up and down the rope like a seasoned inchworm on steroids....but in the heat of the battle, rushing, fatiguing, losing form beware. Here are some of the injuries I’ve seen from the rope:

  • Dropping and landing on the rope:  can lead to a broken or sprained ankle
  • Dropping from too high up and landing straight legged: compression fracture in spine, back disc herniation, tibial plateau fracture
  • Sliding down the rope: skin, skin skin: rope burns to hands, wrists, inner thigh and of course, the lateral outside part of the shin.
  • Falling from 15 feet: let's see, Have seen concussions, clavicle fracture, wrist fracture.  It's all bad.  Pearl:  don't fall.

Solutions: long socks or pants, gloves, quality ropes, landing on a slightly absorbent mat, don't drop from too high, if you get too tired: stop

Technical pearl:  don't use your arms to pull up as much as use your legs to push you up from a locked foot position.  Key is pulling your knees up to chest, locking feet on the rope and standing up...otherwise your arms will get very tired of pulling up.

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Tips & Techniques

Box Jump Overs

Whether jumping over a box, a tire, or a barbell, the jump requires explosive recruitment of specific muscles. Pre-loading muscles and increasing starting spring coil length has an impact.


To get the maximum benefit from the movement, and to protect your knees from injury (especially the patella or knee cap cartilage), it is important not to smash your trailing knee into the floor.

Muscle Ups

This complex gymnastics movement has become a trademark move of sorts in CrossFit. It requires power, coordination, timing and technique. Some people take years to get muscle ups.


The appearance of the plank carries a degree of simplicity that masquerades it's power. Proper form in this position creates a great deal of core stability and base power.

The Kettle Bell

Tough on the low back. Keep chest up and don’t let it pull your face down toward the floor as the kettle bell passes back between your legs.

The Rope Climb

Multiple Injury opportunities here. When executed well, you can blast up and down the rope like a seasoned inchworm on steroids.

Wall Ball Shots

Moving a fixed weight a fixed distance. Up. A great exercise when done in good form. A good benchmark to use to measure your progress in strength and endurance.

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