The Practice

Dr. Hyman's practice serves the full spectrum of Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine needs in Atlanta and the region. Although he performs Joint Replacement surgery, his focus is on Joint Preservation. He is an innovator, who is always striving for cutting edge strategies and solutions to keep you well, with or without surgery. He treats the weekend warrior, children over 13 years, infirm patients, and the elderly.

Dr. Hyman works with a team of talented professionals. His team provides the same level of education and service in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine they would want for themselves. Together they bring state of the art modern sports medicine to Atlanta. They specialize in providing education and caring for disorders that affect the knee; eg. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL tear), Meniscus tear, the shoulder; eg Rotator Cuff or Cartilage injur, and the hip; eg labral tear or impingement.

Less than a year after having my rotator cuff repaired by Dr. Hyman my shoulder is better than the one that wasn't injured. The recovery time was so fast my wife thinks I have some kind of super healing power.
- HJ