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Foot and Ankle

Most commonly, CrossFitters will sustain overuse tendinits. Achilles Injuries. This can result from inadequate stretching before running jumping or landing from jumps (ie, dropping down off the pullup bar). Tendinitis usually responds to rest, stretching, maybe some non-steroidal medication or ultrasound treatment.

The big Achilles issue we fear is Achilles Tendon Rupture. The loud ‘pop’ that sounds like a gun went off and the athlete drops to the ground. It can happen in any sport, but beware of the box jumps. Jumping up or Jumping down.

Ankle sprains of the anterior talofibular ligament or tibiofibular ligament are common, as routine inversion injuries. They may be accompanied from a fracture. This injury has been seen landing from the rope climb or dropping from a height and rolling the ankle. Many people with inflexible toes need to wear shoes with rigid toe box support, or a rigid arch support if you have a flatfoot posture.

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Your Body & Injury


The biceps tendon can tear up by the shoulder (rupture of the long head of the biceps) or tear by the elbow.

Foot and Ankle

Achilles Injuries. Most commonly, CrossFitters will sustain overuse tendinits.


CrossFit and Plyometrics involves a fair amount of squatting and crouching. Wallballs, slam balls, olympic power lifts, eg squat cleans etc, all involve ‘dropping down low’ and getting your hip crease below knee crease.


Knees are more than just the platform that supports our stance, run and squat.


Muscle physiology is a complex science. There are fast twitch, slow twitch muscle fibers and elaborate mechanisms of enhancing strength, power, endurance speed and fatigue resistance of muscle.


There are two labra or labrums in the body. They are both at somewhat high risk in the Sports of Fitness activities which involve a lot of deep squatting and overhead lifting.


The spine is a complex anatomic masterpiece of axial structural support for our body.


Sprains and tendonitis are the most common ailments.

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