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CrossFit Helps OverCome Addiction

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In the small borough of Pottstown, PA, recovering addicts have a big advantage. They can become eligible to participate in CrossFit PottsTown's  program  designed just for them. The owner of the local CrossFit box wanted to help those who struggle to overcome $100 per day heroin addiction. According to Fit for Life reporter of the PottsTown MERCURY newspaper, CrossFit owner, Rob Matthews, offers recovering addicts,who have a sponsor and work a 12 step program, free use of his gym to jump start and sustain their recovery.  Because most addicts are in debt, having spent all of their money on drugs and alcohol, the free program is a real gift. Not only do these addicts become athletes, they grow physically and mentally.  They develop greater self esteem and competencies absent from their lives in addiction.  Where once they were isolated and consumed by the daily grind of getting their next drink or their next fix, now they are a part of an encouraging and supportive community.  They help themselves and one another stay sober.

Some of these, a small group of recovering women, will be testing out their new found strengths on November 7th, as members of the kayak paddling team, Pottstown Dragon Warriors. Instead of shooting heroin into collapsing veins, they will be pumping oxygenated blood through them in a challenging race on the Schuykill River, north of Philadelphia.

It's great to see CrossFit adapting and adjusting to the needs of local communities. Addiction, whether alcohol or drug related, is a real problem.  It has many faces and is no respecter of persons.  It manifests in both poverty and in affluence.  No one is immune to the ravages of human potential addiction can produce.  Addiction is an equal opportunity employer.  It attacks the individual on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Programs like CrossFit, which work to strengthen bodies and minds in the context of community effort, can go a long way to helping solve the problem of addiction., one day, one athlete, one WOD at a time.

Become a part of the solution with CrossFit in your community.

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dr jon hyman

Jon Hyman, M.D.

Dr. Hyman is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Expert who concentrates on helping his patients understand their problem and get the results they want. Understanding the problem from the patient's perspective, how it impacts their life, their family, their sports/jobs and goals is his primary concern.

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